to make pinpoint genome edits


Does "to make pinpoint genome edits" mean "to make absolutely precise genome edits"?

A better representative of CRISPR in China is plant biologist Li Jiayang of the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology in Beijing. Li left the country in 1985 for his graduate education, as have many of China's best and brightest young scientists over the past few decades, and then returned home in 1995 to focus on manipulating plant DNA. Li, who recently ended a stint as head of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, says he struggled for years to make pinpoint genome edits. CRISPR gave him a simple, fast way to do just that, turbocharging his efforts to modify rice.

Source: Science By Jon Cohen, Nirja Desai Aug. 2, 2019
With its CRISPR revolution, China becomes a world leader in genome editing
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