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  1. Huda Senior Member

    Please help me

    When a Muslim says that this meat is halal, this means that the cow, chicken or whatever is slaughtered in the way that is approved by Islamic law or Sharia and so he can eat it. If I want to say that this person "makes all women halal" meaning that he can intercourse with any woman freely without any restrictions. What is the best verb to say "make women halal"?

    Thanks for your help
  2. Wishfull Senior Member

    I think "to make something Halal" is translated as "to make something legal."

    But I don't think "make women legal" makes sense.

    Maybe "wanton" ??
  3. entangledbank

    entangledbank Senior Member

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    I don't think we have anything specific for this meaning. I would just say that killing the animal in such-and-such a way makes it halal (and makes the meat halal). If you can talk about making women halal in Islam, then that's how I'd say it in English: it/something/someone makes her/them halal.
  4. Huda Senior Member

    I'm not talking about making women halal in Islam. I'm talking about a Persian philosopher called " Mazdak" who made women to be shared in and so Iranians indulged in gross immortality during that time.

  5. Packard

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    In my generation that was called "free love".

    I know that Kosher refers only to items that might be consumed. I always assumed that Halal was similar in meaning.

    You might have kosher soap as this might be used to wash dishes, etc. But you would not ever have kosher ball point pens, or kosher word processing programs (or kosher women).

    I've always assumed that Halal followed that same logic.

    Also, I've often joked that I invented a machine called a "kosherizer" that would make non-kosher food kosher. This is not possible. You cannot make something kosher; it is or it is not.

    You cannot make meat halal; it either was slaughtered according to the laws governing halal or it was not.

    For that reason I would think that you could not make a woman halal. (And I always recommend against the slaughtering of women in any case.)
  6. Wishfull Senior Member

    legalize polygamy
  7. Loob

    Loob Senior Member

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    Perhaps "made women common property"/"made women communal property"?
  8. Hermione Golightly

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    If it means men could have sexual intercourse with any women they liked without marriage it sounds like legalised promiscuity.

  9. Packard

    Packard Senior Member

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    Time for new terminology:

    Roethlisbergerize, vt

    The conversion of women to breeding stock to be taken at whim by men (especially drunk men).
  10. entangledbank

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    As Mazdak was pre-Islamic, I wouldn't use 'halal' at all in that case: 'halal' very specifically applies to Islam, and we don't use it of similar concepts like 'kosher' or Mazdak's innovation. (Perhaps in Arabic halal is a more general term meaning something like "permitted", so could also refer to non-Islamic practices, but I am talking about how the word is used in English.)

    Instead I would take up Loob's suggestions.
  11. Huda Senior Member

    Yes, when I say it is halal to do so and so it means it is permissible to do so and so. The verb of "halal" in arabic which is "ahala" means to permit something which is not permitted before. The word "halal" specifically applies to Islam but Arabs can use both the verb and noun to describe the acts done by certain people who cross the line and do the opposite of prohibtion.
    I would take up Loob's suggestion

    Thanks alot
  12. se16teddy

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    You could say he made the rules up as he went along.

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