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US English, French
In US English we say "to match up" items or names on a list as a verb:
"Match up your name on the list with your assigned seat number" for example, or "Match your love interest by compatible zodiac signs" or "Match the number on your ticket with the number drawn to see if you won the drawing."
I am at a bit of a loss for the most appropriate translation into french.
  • Nicp

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    Scotland - English
    "... qui correspond à..." is perhaps not bad.

    Like "Regardez si c'est votre ticket qui correspond à celui qui a été tiré"

    You can also say, in the sense "it's not really 'me' " (for an item of clothing that doesn't suit you etc) Ce n'est pas vraiment ce qui me correspond. (At least, people say that where I live!)

    Have probably just sold you a load of horrible French, but I'm slightly knackered after teaching 10 year old kids English all day!

    Apologies if there are better translations!


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    Français, Canada
    "Apparier" has the aproximate meaning of pairing and could be used for some match-ups...


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    Français, Canada
    This could help:
    1 vt
    (combine) faire correspondre
    to match up the names with the faces
    faire correspondre les noms et les visages
    to match up two colours
    harmoniser ou assortir deux couleurs
    I want to match up this colour (find exact match)
    j'aimerais trouver exactement la même couleur
    2 vi
    (of fingerprints etc) correspondre;
    (of colours etc) (go well together) aller (bien) ensemble, être bien assortis;
    (be exactly the same) être exactement les mêmes
    the descriptions didn't match up
    les descriptions ne correspondaient pas
    the suit jacket and trousers don't match up la veste et le pantalon ne vont pas ensemble

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