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Hi everyone, I'm afraid I'm going to spam you a bit today. I have a few translations that don't really make sense so me so I'm hoping for a little clarity.

you matter to me- ты питал комне интерес

I'm a little confused by this because a translation to the effect of "I have interest in you" doesn't quite have the same feeling as the English "you matter to me". It just seems a bit...clinical and without any feeling or heart. Did I misinterpret it or is there another way to express the same feeling?

Thanks, all
  • igusarov

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    Depending on the context (lover to lover? parent to child?) you may also use these phrases:
    "ты много для меня значишь" (plain word order "ты много значишь для меня")
    "мне не всё равно, что с тобой"
    "ты мне не безразличен"

    Not a direct equivalent, but still possible:
    "ты у меня на первом месте"
    "ты для меня важнее всего"
    "ты для меня превыше всего"
    "я к тебе неравнодушен" - this one is probably never used in parent-to-child conversations.
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