1. angelchu Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hola, me encontré en una canción este párrafo:

    But did you know I was blind for?
    And did you know you meant everything to me?
    And if I had one more change, this time
    I would have meant the world to you

    Y me gustaría saber cuál es el significado del verbo MEAN en la frase subrayada.. no se me ocurre nada


    Saludos, Ángel
  2. orion Member

    English UK
    Hola. Yo diría que: "I would have meant the world to you" quiere decir "Habría significado todo para ti".
  3. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    to mean the world to someone-- to be everything to someone, to be the sun and moon to someone, to be (this can be tailored to be anything that person values highly or loves deeply)

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