to mount a horse + to dismount <from> a horse


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Hello. We mount a horse but we dismount from it when we get off it, right? We can't say we dismount a horse without using the preposition from, is that correct? Thank you.
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    Yes, you're right. We have the strange situation of mount being transitive and dismount intransitive in this use.


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    Note that our dictionary gives a transitive version (although I don't recall ever encountering it)

    WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2017
    dis•mount (v. dis mount;n. dis mount, dismount′),USA pronunciation v.i.
    1. to get off or alight from a horse, bicycle, etc.

    1. to bring or throw down, as from a horse;
      throw:The horse twisted and bucked and finally dismounted its rider.
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