to nickel and dime farm laborers


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BURGER KING may offer a menu full of gut-busters and may nickel and dime farm laborers. (source)

What does that mean?
I'm not sure which definition of "nickel and dime" fits to the example above.

1. to expose to financial hardship or bankruptcy by the accumulation of small expenses, bills, etc.: We're being nickel-and-dimed to death by these small weekly expenses. hinder, annoy, or harass with trivialities or nonessentials: to be nickeled-and-dimed by petty criticisms.
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    Hello Wookie,

    I agree with cyberpedant. If you read the source text carefully, I think you'll understand it's #1, especially with this sentence
    When McDonald’s and Yum Brands agreed to pay farm workers in Florida a penny more per pound to pick tomatoes, Burger King dug in its heels and refused.
    As far as I know, farm labourers are the one who till the soil for a living.
    In view pf the article, BK's policy of putting more meat and less (or none at all) vegetable content in their hamburger may be beneficial to stock breeders but not to farm workers.

    At least, that's how I understand it.


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    An online laptop retailer has put a few high-end laptops on sale for just $50. That sounds like a crazy sale but when you look carefully, all of the laptops come with tons of additional fees. The batteries, chargers and hard disks require separate purchase. They also don't come with warranty; 1 year warranty will cost you $100. Not to mention an extra $50 for the hotline service.

    Can I use "nickel and dime" in this way: "The computers look like bargains. But they nickel and dime the hell out of you with a lot of additional fees", ?


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    Yes, that is an appropriate and grammatical use of 'nickel and dime'. :thumbsup:

    I wouldn't use "the hell out of you" unless I was talking casually to people I knew very well, and I knew they wouldn't be offended. I would say, "But they nickel and dime you with a lot of additional fees."
    Everyone would understand that was a criticism and a warning not to be fooled by low initial price.
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