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Italy, Italian
Dear all,

I was wondering if you could help me with this.

I have to say that the media has censored the protests.
Do you think I can use the word "obscure" instead of censor?

Thank you very much for your very kind help.

have a great day! :)

  • Egmont

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    You can use either word. However, you can't use one instead the other, because they mean different things.

    Censoring is a deliberate act, specifically not disclosing some information.

    Obscuring can come about in many ways. One of them is censorship. Others are not.

    So, which meaning do you want?


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    Italy, Italian
    Hello Egmont and thanks a lot for answering.
    I would like to say that media deliberately decided not to talk about it. Thus, do you believe obscuring can work in this context?

    Again, thank you very much!


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    Responding to Egmont's invitation . . .

    I think of "censoring" as something that outside authorities do to others who want to discuss something or reveal some information. There is the concept of "self-censorship," not reporting something for fear of official retribution, but if I read that some information had been "censored," I would think that the media tried to report it but were prevented from doing so by government (or perhaps extra-governmental bodies like a terrorist organization). The government could do it through official channels that require newspaper copy to be submitted to a censor before publication and any broadcasts to be aired from tape that has been reviewed by government censors, or media could be censored officially or unofficially through confiscation of printed material, jamming of radio or TV broadcasts, etc.

    But "obscured" is not right either. If the media in question knew something that they did not disseminate, they withheld (present tense: withhold; past participle: withhold, used in compound tenses such as "have withheld") news or information.
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