To one and all

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    Thanks Paul,

    "Buon Natale a tutti" is the most common expression used in the spoken and written Italian.

    And, ""Buon natale ad ognuno di voi" is used in the written Italian.

    I assume that I'll find both expressions in Christmas/greeting cards, right?

    L'aura che tu respiri

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    "One and all" is a slightly more poetic phrase. "Tutti" does not render it justice. To say, "To the citizens of Rome, one and all," is much different from saying, "To all the citizens of Rome"! When at the end of Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," Tiny Tim says, "God bless us, every one," it's not enough to say only "tutti." One translation has "Il Signore ci benedica tutti quanti." An older, and better, translation has, "Il Signore ci benedica tutti quanti, dal primo fino all'ultimo!" THAT renders the idea. Therefore, I suggest that there must be an adequate way of expressing "one and all" beyond the simple "tutti."
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