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  1. Vitalore Senior Member

    Is there a Finnish equivalent for the phrasal verb "to pass for"?

    As in "You pass for a good candidate".
  2. Gavril Senior Member

    English, USA
    pass for = käydä (jostakin) according to my dictionary. So, "You pass or a good candidate" = Käyt hyvästä ehdokkaasta.

    I think this would suggest that the person isn't actually a good candidate (Finnish speakers, please confirm?).

    You could also say simply, Näytät hyvältä ehdokkaalta ("You look like a good candidate"), which is ambiguous as to whether the person really is a good candidate or not.
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  3. Cold Breeze Member

    Kotka, Finland

    Käyt hyvästä ehdokkaasta does have the meaning that the speaker knows the candidate is not actually good, but he thinks that everybody will believe he is a good one.

    Näytät hyvältä ehdokkaalta sounds a little bit wrong to me, unless the speaker is talking about the candidate's look.

    I think I'd say somebody who I think as a good candidate and I'm perhaps going to vote: Vaikutat hyvältä ehdokkaalta.

    These are just my opinions, but that's how I figured it.

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