To perfection: perfectly, without a flaw

Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

I did a lot of searching on the Web, but couldn't find anything to make this clear. I already know that the expression "to perfection" means "perfectly, without a flaw" according to the site (Idioms: to go -- to top it off). But the problem is that I'm still not sure about "to perfection" in the context below. My question: Does "to perfection" sound natural/correct in the examples I made below?

a. Look at this cake that Anna made. It looks delicious! She does things to perfection. That's why I like her so much.
b. John, you painted the house to perfection! I liked your job! It looks amazing now!
c. [a man orders a sandwich at a sandwich place]: I would like a sandwich, please! Make it to perfection!
d. Mary, you cooked lunch to perfection today! Congratulations!

Thank you in advance!
  • Xavier da Silva

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    Thank you for your answer.

    I must say I really thought (a) - She does things to perfection - would not be correct. By the way, this expression "to perfection" doesn't seem to be used much. But maybe it's just me.
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