to play make-believe


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I'm trying to translate "to play make-believe" into Spanish in the following sentence.
I know what the whole sentence means, but I was wondering if there's any spanish expression for the idiom "make-believe," which I know it's like a synonym of pretend.

- .... well, I know you like to play make-believe, that you're some kind of military tough guy, but the truth is ...

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    I know this is quite an old thread nevertheless here's my bit.
    I always say: ¿jugamos a "imagina que"? Imagina que estamos en la selva....te gusta imaginarte que eres un explorador....
    I don't knownif it is very common or not, but everybody gets it.


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    I can't remember a specific name for 'to play make-believe.'
    There's probably a million different ways kids say that in Spanish.
    We used to say 'vamos a jugar a(l) decía que...' (for example, 'Decía que vivíamos solas en una cabaña en el bosque y un día...'


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    Yo siempre he dicho: jugamos a... que somos/hacemos/vivimos/estamos...

    He oído a maestros de guardería llamarlo "juego simbólico", pero esto ya es más formal, claro.
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