To plead cultural ignorance

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Hi there,

I'm wondering how to translate "plead cultural ignorance" into Spanish.

The context is a therapist (who is from France) providing psychotherapy to an individual from the United States. Thus, these two people have different cultural backgrounds. The individual from the United States says something along the lines of, "My wife is a soccer mom."

The therapists does not understand what the term "soccer mom" means. So, the therapist says the following: "Let me plead cultural ignorance for a second. What does 'soccer mom' mean?"

Here is my attempt:
"Déjame declarar ignorancia cultural por un rato. ¿Qué significa 'soccer mom'?"

(Edit: For those who are unfamiliar, the term "soccer mom" is a term used often in the United States to refer to a mother who spends a lot of time taking her children to sporting events and other extracurricular activities.)
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    your phrase is ok to me. Other option: Permíteme admitir mi ignorancia cultural por un momento.
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