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    Can I replace 'providing' with 'provide'?
    Can someone please explain to me why 'providing' is used instead of 'provide'? Or both are acceptable?

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    Provide and providing are both acceptable and are interchangeable in the construction you give. It is coincidental that the sentence is broken up differently by provide and providing.

    [providing consular services to Malaysian overseas.] is what [The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia is committed to]
    [to provide consular services to Malaysian overseas] is to what [The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia is committed] NB the 2 'to'

    If we simplify:
    He is committed to providing it to them. - Providing is a noun - something will be provided
    He is committed to provide it to them. - 'is committed to provide' is a verb - an action will be performed.

    It does not work with:
    The Commandant was forced to provide the prisoners with food:tick:
    The Commandant was forced to providing the prisoners with food:cross:
    The Commandant was forced into providing the prisoners with food:tick:

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