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  1. earthmerlin Senior Member

    Hola. I'd like to know how to say in Spanish to my toddler while at the park, 'Do you want me to push you in the swing?' & 'I'm pushing you in the swing'. I'm not sure of the verb but my go at it is, '¿Querés que yo te empuje en la hamaca?' & 'Yo te estoy empujando en la hamaca'. Any input is appreciated.

    Also, I'm wondering how to ask, 'Do you want to ride the swing?'. Is it, '¿Querés hamacarte?'? Gracias.
  2. Idiomático Senior Member

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    Latin American Spanish
    ¿Quieres que te empuje [te impulse] en el columpio?

    ¿Quieres mecerte en el columpio?
  3. Lurrezko

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    De acuerdo con Idiomático. Otro par de opciones en España:

    ¿Quieres que te dé impulso en el columpio?
    ¿Quieres columpiarte?
  4. Txiri

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    You made a nice attempt with "hamaca", but as Idiomático points out, the correct word is "columpio."

    "Hamaca" is "hammock", and "hamacarse", to rock (oneself) in a hammock.

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