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    "The first article appeared in the Irish Times in February. Published as an opinion piece, the title was geared to grab attention; ‘Yes vote on Lisbon could open the door for abortion’. It railed what it called a ‘political propaganda’ drive on behalf of the government, arguing that its ‘dishonest’ public information campaign in the run up to the referendum ‘should be illegal’. The author was a man named Richard Greene."

    I'm trying to translate an article about what happens in Ireland about abortion EU law and Irish catholic pressure groups which are against it. I have problem in understanding what the sentence in bold means and in particular I can't understand the sense of "railed". Can someone help me?Thanks

    My attempt:
    (il titolo) railed la cosiddetta propaganda politica guida per conto del governo.
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    Perhaps you didn't find it in the dictionary because it's usually followed by the preposition "against" and is classified as an intransitive verb. See the second entry here:

    Anyway, it means to criticize (sthg) angrily.

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