to rap (to speak lyrics in the style of rap music)


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Good morning ladies & gentlemen, this morning my question is very simple, how do you translate the English verb to rap into other languages? First I always check Wikitonary but now it does not say much. Thank you in advance and have a productive day. Enco.
question #2: How do you pronounce it?

Hungarian: reppel [we write it in Hungarian, so we write it as we pronounce it]
Czech: rapovat [they write it in English way but pronounce it with [e]]
Polish: rapować [pronounce with [a]]
German: rappen [e]
Dutch: rappen [e]
French: raper [a]
Finnish: räpätä [interesting]
Spanish: rapear [pronunciation with a??]
Russian: рэповать
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  • nimak

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    Bulgarian: рапира (rapira) -> [a]

    Serbian: реповати/repovati -> [e]
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    I think it is fine if it is non-standard but what do you mean by ambiguity?
    I mean the meaning isn't quite clear. What does it really mean - to speak rap lyrics? To be a rap artist in general? To be a fan of rap, probably? Can be actually anything; cf. slang панковать ("to be a punk rocker"), for example.
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    Welsh - Northern

    (Verbal noun). But careful of those with speech impediments in Welsh who may sound it as 'lapio' which means 'wrapping'/'to wrap'!

    Jennifer Weiss

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    I think it is fine if it is non-standard but what do you mean by ambiguity?

    No one will ever say "рэповать" even as a mistake. It sounds Ukranian to me since they like mindlessly import foreign words into the languages without applying reasonable changes.

    "Читать рэп" is even what prominent rappers do actually say about their trade.


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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)

    rapejar /rəpə'ʒa/ (Or /rape'ʒa(r)/ in Western Catalan, as it has no schwas)

    As a noun, rap is pronounced with /a/, just like the monkfish (which is called rap in Catalan).


    Finnish: räpätä [interesting]
    Commenting to this one as you found it interesting. This is based on English pronounciation written as if in Finnish + a bit of twisting to make it a verb in Finnish grammar with correct vowel harmony (adding -ata/-ätä depending on what vowels are in the beginning of the word). The way the letter a is pronounced in English in the word rap is pretty close to the Finnish ä sound so we write it that way. There are other similar loan words too, like: to send an e-mail = meilata, to swipe (on a dating app) = swaipata, to tape (with adhesive tape) = teipata etc.