to rap (to speak lyrics in the style of rap music)

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Good morning ladies & gentlemen, this morning my question is very simple, how do you translate the English verb to rap into other languages? First I always check Wikitonary but now it does not say much. Thank you in advance and have a productive day. Enco.
question #2: How do you pronounce it?

Hungarian: reppel [we write it in Hungarian, so we write it as we pronounce it]
Czech: rapovat [they write it in English way but pronounce it with [e]]
Polish: rapować [pronounce with [a]]
German: rappen [e]
Dutch: rappen [e]
French: raper [a]
Finnish: räpätä [interesting]
Spanish: rapear [pronunciation with a??]
Russian: рэповать
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    Bulgarian: рапира (rapira) -> [a]

    Serbian: реповати/repovati -> [e]
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    I think it is fine if it is non-standard but what do you mean by ambiguity?
    I mean the meaning isn't quite clear. What does it really mean - to speak rap lyrics? To be a rap artist in general? To be a fan of rap, probably? Can be actually anything; cf. slang панковать ("to be a punk rocker"), for example.
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    Welsh - Northern

    (Verbal noun). But careful of those with speech impediments in Welsh who may sound it as 'lapio' which means 'wrapping'/'to wrap'!


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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)

    rapejar /rəpə'ʒa/ (Or /rape'ʒa(r)/ in Western Catalan, as it has no schwas)

    As a noun, rap is pronounced with /a/, just like the monkfish (which is called rap in Catalan).


    Finnish: räpätä [interesting]
    Commenting to this one as you found it interesting. This is based on English pronounciation written as if in Finnish + a bit of twisting to make it a verb in Finnish grammar with correct vowel harmony (adding -ata/-ätä depending on what vowels are in the beginning of the word). The way the letter a is pronounced in English in the word rap is pretty close to the Finnish ä sound so we write it that way. There are other similar loan words too, like: to send an e-mail = meilata, to swipe (on a dating app) = swaipata, to tape (with adhesive tape) = teipata etc.
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