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Hello, I am stuck with the usage of "receive" in the sense of welcoming and greeting someone formally. My colleague is on a vacation and it happens that one of his customer will visit my company. So he asked for my help to arrange the company tour and to greet him on his behalf. That's why I started to wonder what vocabulary words other than "to greet" and "to welcome" I can use to describe the situation. Then I stumbled upon the word "receive" in the dictionary, however it didn't give me an example sentence. And I've searched previous threads and unfortunately I found none regaring this usage.

My question is, is it idomiatic to say "it's really an honor to receive you on behalf of the company" or "we received a potential customer from the States yesterday and everything went well"?

Your help will be much appreciated.
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    You can in fact receive a guest. Personally I would not use it in that sentence. I would say "It's an honor to welcome you on behalf of the company."
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