"to refresh our minds"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Nunty, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Nunty

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    Hello again :)

    Here's the situation: I'm translating an article for the general Catholic public. I am about to begin a section that explains something that they should know, but have probably forgotten. I don't want to offend them by suggesting that they forgot or that they never knew this to begin with.

    Do I accomplish all that by beginning the paragraph with "To refresh our minds, let us recall that..."? It sounds awkward, stuffy and patronizing to me, which is exactly what I would like to avoid. What is a better way?

  2. suzi br

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    In a spoken context I'd perhaps say "to recap". I don't know how acceptable that is in your written piece?
  3. Nunty

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    Thank you, suzi_br, but I'm afraid my written context needs to be a bit more formal.
  4. river Senior Member

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    What is the information that they should know?
  5. cuchuflete

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    "As you may recall...."

    "As we were taught (and may have forgotten)..."

    "Most of us will remember that....."
  6. Nunty

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    Hello, river. The information is about the Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls: the sort of thing the person referred to as "an educated laymen" surely knew at one time, but probably forgot.

    Thanks, cuchu. "As you may recall" is just the tone I'm looking for.


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