to replace like with like

Gran Reno

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I would like to know translation in Spanish of following expression: "to replace like with like", context:Becouse of the advanced state of disrepair it was decided to dismantle virtually the whole building so that a good restoration job could be done was the most important surviving ninetennth-century glass and iron structure in the world it was necessary to replace like with like, so ductile iron was used for casting...
  • po79


    dentro del contexto, no encuentro una traducción así escueta en una frase como en el original en inglés. se me ocurre:"reemplazar con materiales iguales o similares a los originales".

    es que "reemplazar igual por igual", queda un poco vago, hablando de construcción. creo que necesita perífrasis. queme corrijan mis compañeros

    un saludo