to revamp?


Dear all,

how to understand 'revamping' in the sentence below?

The American parent has been revamping the company since its takeover and the old private sector bank is now one of the aggressive users of technology in its business.

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    panjandrum said:
    Revamp = remodel, redesign, modernise, improve, renovate, streamline ...
    Do you think the word always has the connotations in bold? To me, it has always meant simply "to redo," whether or not you're "modernizing" or "streamlining" something. As for "improve," I guess when you revamp something your intention is to improve it, but that may not necessarily be the case in the end.

    But maybe my understanding is not accurate. What are your thoughts?


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    Hmm, good question.
    Maybe I should look it up........
    You're right. I was influenced by the context, in which it is used to suggest significant improvement.
    To vamp or patch up again. Also, to rewrite in a new form; to renovate, remake, devise anew; to revise.
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