1. Nanou Senior Member

    FRANCE - French
    Could you please explain to me in English :

    * To revert to : when can I use this verb ?

    Thank to all in advance.:)

    Moderator note: please note that we have several other threads dedicated to the idea of "getting back to someone" (recontacter quelqu'un, revenir vers quelqu'un). Please DO NOT discuss those meanings and translations here, but instead see Je viens (reviens) vers vous and revert (back) to someone.
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  2. Jim69 Senior Member

    Lyon, France
    "to revert to" = "revenir à" (dans le sens faire marche arrière), et doit s'utiliser comme revenir en arrière en Français (du moins je crois).

    Par exemple:
    "How to revert to my previous operating system ?"
    "Comment revenir à la version précédente de mon système informatique ?"


    "I want to revert to my system prior to the update"
    "Je veux revenir à l'état de mon système avant la mise à jour".

    I don't know if it could stand for another meaning.
  3. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)

    To revert means to abandon option 2 and go back to option 1.
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  4. pareedave New Member

    English - US/UK
    Coming across this thread much later. "Revert to" is a literal or figurative return to a previous state or tendency, and definitely evokes the idea of abandoning the current, later state. You can revert back to an earlier version of an operating system, as someone suggested above, or if you are bilingual and speaking French with a group of people, you can "revert back to your native English when French becomes too difficult..." etc.

    Another expression "Revert to form" suggests that someone is behaving (once again) according to their nature, usually after rising above their nature for a spell. As in "Despite an outward show of cooperation, Democrats and Republicans reverted to form on the health care debate, dividing across party lines".

    Revert is redevenir or reprendre, rather than revenir. ("After the divorce, Jane reverted to her maiden name/Après son divorce, Jane a repris son nom de jeune fille"). [...]
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