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to rig, to fix

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by brutusel, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. brutusel New Member

    How do you say in German 'to rig football matches' or 'to fix football matches'.


    The referee was bribed to fix the football match.

    The football match was rigged.

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  2. Kurtchen Senior Member

    German - Norddeutschland
    to fix/rig a match - ein Spiel verschieben

    Note, verschieben can also mean 'to adjourn', so you better make sure in what context it's used :)
  3. Robocop Senior Member

    Central Switzerland
    (Swiss) German
    I can only think of "ein Spiel manipulieren" for the time being.

    In the meantime, I have remembered "ein Spiel türken".
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  4. Kurtchen Senior Member

    German - Norddeutschland
    I definitely agree with manipulieren. 'Türken' I took to mean cheating by gaining an unfair advantage, thereby increasing your chances of winning, in craps using crooked dice for example. But, hey, that's slang for you.

    Anyway, signing off for now, the meds are kicking in :D and still a lot of (hopefully) fun stuff ahead of me tonight.
  5. Piotr_WRF Senior Member

    Polish, German
    You can use arrangieren, which is of a higher register. Another more common expression for to be fixed would be gestellt sein.

    An example:
    Der Kampf war arrangiert.
    Der Kampf war gestellt.
  6. Sidjanga Senior Member

    German;southern tendencies
    I don't feel this could be a valid translation or is in any way equivalent to the other suggestions.

    All it means is just that the fight was not real, that it was a fake fight, that the opponents weren't really fighting but just simulating it, as stunt men, or something similar. So the only betrayed ones here might be the audience (in case they aren't aware of the fight being a fake one).
  7. brutusel New Member

    All right. Many thanks to the answer.

    But how do u say in german (the whole sentence):

    The referee got money to arrange/fix the result.
  8. Sidjanga Senior Member

    German;southern tendencies
    For example: Der Schiedsrichter wurde für die Manipulation des Ergebnisses bezahlt.
    Oder: Der Schiedsrichter wurde bestochen. (bribed)

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