To rise like a trout

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by undern, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. undern Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Does anybody know the Italian equivalent? I understand it means to have a fierce behaviour... but nothing else.

    "To rise like a trout to a fly"
  2. emma1968 Senior Member

    A sensazione direi che potrebbe voler dire, : "saltare come una trota quando guizza sull'acqua",
    detto ciò, avrebbe senso "bisbetico/a"?
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  3. Curandera Senior Member

    Forse il contesto aiuterebbe...

    Me ne vado solo per un idea ma non vorrà forse dire:

    'Abboccare come un pesce'?
  4. undern Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Non ho inserito un contesto perché è un modo dire. Il senso è quello di avere un comportamento fiero e combattivo, quindi "abboccare come un pesce" sarebbe l'ideale dal punto di vista semantico ma non del senso...
    Madrelingua che mi spieghino l'esatto significato?
  5. TimLA

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    English - US
    The sense of the phrase, and its use" is that someone does something in response to something like "bait".

    John loves tennis competitions, and when he heard about the school tournament he rose like a trout to a fly. (he became very excited and wanted to enter the tournament)

    John usually doesn't go out on Thursdays, but when he heard about all the beautiful models at the party, he rose like a trout to a fly. (he went to the party).

    You can google the phrase and see other ways that it is used.

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