to rough it on your own


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Could you please explain what "to rough it on your own" means here:

“I admire your balls, Feyre— I really do. Or maybe it’s stupidity. But since Tam won’t gut you, which was my first choice, you’re stuck here. Unless you want to rough it on your own in Prythian, which”— he looked me up and down—“I’d advise against.”

(Source: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J.Maas)

Is it "to roam Prythian on your own"?
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    British English
    In some contexts, "to rough it" could mean to sleep in someone's house without the usual comforts.

    Jack: "You can rough it at my place if you're really desperate - you'd have to sleep on the floor and there's no hot water as the boiler (furnace) has broken."
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