to rubbish rumours


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Hi everyone,

The Oasis band had a fight backstage before a concert in Paris last weekend, the concert and the rest of the European tour suddenly got cancelled and the spokesman announced that "the group no longer exists".
In a article I was reading about it, I came accross this sentence: "On Monday, Liam used his Twitter feed to rubbish rumours that the band were spitting up."

I understand that to rubbish rumours means "envoyer valser les rumeurs" or "démentir les rumeurs" but it sounds like a wrong interpretation to me as the band is splitting up. Or does this sentence mean that they have reconciled over the weekend?

Thanks a lot!
  • It simply means that Liam is saying that it is not true that the band is splitting up. Liam could be wrong. (Perhaps he is wrong. I don't know anything about this band.) He's just saying that the rumours are false. Whether he's right about that is another question.