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Hello folks! While reading "The Blackgown Papers" by L. Mariotti I have met an expression I cannot understand. I write the words that i cannot understand in CAPITAL LETTERS. The whole sentence is: "...there spreads a wide extent of thin pasture-grounds...around this vast table-land rise the steeples of Terzogno, Bedonia, Sidolo, and other villages whose denizens claim the right of feeding their flocks and herds upon that almost measureless land. The meadows, however, are covered with snow for six months in the year, and during that period the whole region is turned into a battle field FOR THE ELEMENTS TO RUN RIOT IN."

What are those elements?
"To run riot in" refers to the gallop of the flocks and herds?(as I found in the dictionary as a possible meaning of "to run riot") or does it refers to a revolt made by those "elements"?

Thank you!
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    If "the elements run riot", they are out of control. They are harsh and very strong. If the region is a "battlefield for the elements to run riot in", the region experiences strong snow, wind, etc., for six months every year.
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