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No. 14 meaning and example of "see" in my WordWeb Dictionary is:
Take charge of or deal with
"Could you see about lunch?"

What I understand of "see about" is "see what can be done about" which doesn't seem fit for the example. Can it be that "see about" here means "pay for" or "meet by lunchtime"? Hope you could help me.

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    In me, it means that "Could you see (take charge) something connected with / concerning / on the subject of lunch?"

    The topic of the speaker to try to point out is the things about "lunch" to do well or not.

    take charge / deal with ---in order to have the thing to make sure with your eyes---it comes back the prototype of "see"

    That is a little suggestion.

    Please natives tell me the understanding is correct or not.

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    In this case the basic meaning of 'see about' is attend to / deal with / arrange - see WordRef dictionary here and scroll down to number 24. It is a very common idiom.

    It can have the sense of pay - we say things like I'll see about the bill or I'll take care of the drinks - but not always.