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Hello!I am writting an essay in French, and I need some help with translating:"She was sent to a catholic orphanage"
I have written "Elle a envoyé à un orphelinat catholique"
But I am not sure if it is correct to use envoyer when it is about a person and not a thing..I would really appreciate some help!:)
  • Moon Palace

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    'Envoyer' can also be used for people, but here's my suggestion:

    Elle a été placée dans un orphelinat catholique.
    It all depends on context: who? when? Why?
    'placer' usually hints at some kind of punishment, or coercion (cf 'elle a été placée en garde à vue / en détention / dans un hôpital psychiatrique...')

    'envoyer' is fine here without more context. More neutral.
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