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    Hello everyone,

    I am struggling with a sentence concerning a translation in medieval history.
    "All the major historians based in England showed some interest in the Continental dealings of the Plantagenet kings, and Roger of Howden in particular showed a great deal."
    My suggestion: "Tous les historiens les plus importants basés en Angleterre ont montré de l’intérêt pour les relations des rois Plantagenêts sur l’espace continental et Roger de Howden en particulier a montré ---- stuccccccckkkk..."
    Anyone? Thanks a lot
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    Or maybe "dans les relations de rois Plantagenêts avec l'espace continental" though my main concern is rather the "showed a great deal" part. Thanks again
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    et R of H plus que d'autres (suggestion)
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    A great deal (of) = a lot (of)

    In your scenario, Roger of Howden showed a lot of interest in the Continental dealings of the Plantagenet kings.

    Something along the lines of " Roger de Howden en particulier en a montré beaucoup." would probably work.
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    Merci de vos réponses.

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