To sit an exam


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May I ask how to say the expression "I sit an exam", preferably using the verb imti7aan.

I know that Imti7aan means "I test (someone)", but I seemed to hear this word used in the passive sense, meaning "I attend a test". Could someone please confirm whether it can be used in this way?

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    امتحان imtiHaan is actually the noun 'test,' while the verb 'to test (someone)' is امتحن imtaHana.

    I don't know about MSA, but in Egyptian Arabic, as far as I know, the verb can be used both transitively and intransitively:

    الأستاذ أمتحن الطلبة إمبارح
    il-ustaaz imtaHan it-talaba imbaariH
    The professor tested the students yesterday.

    لازم أمتحن بكرة
    laazim amtiHin bukra
    I have to take a test tomorrow.

    I personally am used to just saying in EA حاخد امتحان (Hakhud imtiHaan) or MSA سآخد امتحانًا (sa-2aakhudhu imtiHaanan).


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    تَقَدَّمَ لامتحان
    If you want to use امتحن alone, in my opinion it should be in the passive voice اُمْتُحِنَ.


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    I've also the exact same as in English
    جلست للامتحان
    لم أجلس للامتحان بعد


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    Actually it is, in collequal the passive voice is generally dervied using the انفعل type, which would not be possible for امتحن because it's already in افتعل type so people generally use the same word. In fus7a you should use the مبنى للمجهول. Sorry, my mistake, unfortunately collequal affects us more than we like to believe.