to skim someone a salute


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Scott drew even with Mike and gave him a wave. Mike skimmed him a salute, then patted the left side of his chest and crossed himself.
Source: Elevation by Stephen King
Context: A Turkey Trot run race is on.
Gloss: to draw even with is (to catch up) to attain the same level as a competitor.

to skim someone a salute is to give him a salute briefly and artificially, right?

Thank you.
  • dojibear

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    I think "skimmed" is like "threw" or "tossed" or "flipped". It is a casual word for a casual salute: a friendly gesture, like the wave.

    I agree it is brief, but it doesn't seem "artificial". Any salute implies respect.


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    I take it to mean he didn't hold the salute for a (small) period of time, as would be expected in a formal salute. Instead it was all one continuous motion.

    Basically, the same idea as Dojibear.
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