to slip through the cracks

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  1. clarissa82 Senior Member

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    May anybody help me to translate this expression contained in the following sentence, please?
    "Another soul has slipped through the cracks". It's the final sentence of a description of a movie talking about an unemployed man who has robbed a bank and when he's cornered by the police, he finally breaks into sobs.
    I can't find this expression in any dictionary.
    Thanks all in advance!
  2. TimLA

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    "to slip through the cracks" can mean:
    ...è stato/essere dimenticato.
    ...è stato/essere lasciato in dietro.
    And HERE it has been translated as "mi è sfuggito".

    In your particular example it means something like "another soul/person has not been helped by our system of support" or "we haven't been able to help another person".
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  3. clarissa82 Senior Member

    Italy, italian
    Thanks for the explanation, Tim!
  4. serif-m New Member

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    "fall through the cracks" is another way to say it. Is there a more illustrative way to say it in Italian? In English it's more poetic: cadere dentro le crepe... cioè è una piccola cosa che sfugge senza essere notata. "Slip" significa scivola, quindi così è più bello come immagine che "è stato dimenticato".
  5. Enigmista

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    Maybe: ...è caduto nel dimenticatoio :)

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