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    No encuentro este verbo en la página :(

    ¿Cuál sería su expresión equivalente en el español? Más o menos entiendo que significa "volverse como un soldado", figurativamente, en este contexto.


    On the state front, Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer was winning round after round in his effort to declare Rajneeshpuram an illegal city. The commune's entire legal staff trooped to the guru's compound for guidance at one juncture. Advised the case was a losing matter, the guru instructed the lawyers to soldier on. Losing the case, though, meant losing the city and the worldwide base for Rajneesh.

    Sheela, meanwhile, was wrapping up a trip to Australia. There, she badly botched a business deal. Resorting to drugging and eavesdropping, Sheela manipulated her way into partownership of a public company, only to watch its value plummet overnight when word got out. The move cost the commune nearly $1 million.
  2. onbalance

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    seguir adelante
    continuar a pesar de todo
  3. gengo

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    Onbalance's suggestions are good, but the WR dictionary gives "no aflojar," which might work, depending on how you word the translation. I think perseverar would also work. The idea in English is that soldiers continue marching no matter how bad the situation is, if they are ordered to march. So it is to forge ahead in the face of difficulty or certain defeat.
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    Porfiar o empeñarse, además de "perseverar", que sugiere gengo.
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