to some extent vs to a degree

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    Please tell us what your difficulty is in understanding these expressions. Have you looked in the WR dictionary? Have you checked the “in context” link on the dictionary page to see how they’re used? If you have and are still confused, please provide us with example sentences and context and we’ll do our best to help you.


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    No, I haven't looked in the WR dictionary,becuase there're so many explanations that I don't know how to compare the difference between them
    No,I haven't checked the" in context" link on the dictionary page to see how they're used because the meanings translated into Chinese language are both the same.

    But I have some examples sentences that confusing me, it's from
    Example sentences: So what should you do? We'll assume that you have sorted out the basics -- like mortgages, pensions, insurance and access to sufficient cash reserves. You should then establish your own individual aims. These are partly a matter of personal circumstances, partly a matter of psychology.

    After finish reading that, I think partly is the same as" to a degree" or" to some extent" but I can't be sure whether it's or not !

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    So you want us to explain 'partly', do you?
    Here, it means that your individual aims will be a based on some mix of your personal circumstances and your psychology. (Maybe 60%/40% - who can say?)
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