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  1. Odri

    Odri Senior Member

    How would you translate to sound off about into Spanish?
    Word reference gives these two meanings declamar, arengar;
    but I don't like these translations because:
    declamar means (as far as I know): to recite a poem, to speak loudly, etc..
    and arengar: speak, proclaim..

    I look up sound off in an English dictionary and it says: To express strong emotions about something, especially when you are complaining very angrily.
    Example: "Jim was sounding off about the government again".

    It could be complaining (quejarse), but if you have a better translation it will be welcome. :)
    Does anyone know? Thank you in advance!
  2. Iararo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    Sound off: quejarse, editorializar, censurar, hablar sin tapujos, "hablar a calzón quitao" (Colombia)
  3. Odri

    Odri Senior Member

    Sí, creo que finalmente tendré que "rendirme" a quejarse, parece la más apropiada, aunque esperaba que hubiera otra más original.
    Nos vemos! ;)

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