To spread like wildfire


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Belgium, Dutch
I have just come across an expression meaning about the same thing, and therefore
(a) to hear from you how you would translate or render the same expression; I would like to hear about a common equivalent (not just a translation)
(b) to find out in what language one could use an expression liek "spread like flower (farine) in the storm"...
  • Greek:

    (1) «Αστραπιαία διάδοση/διάχυση/εξάπλωση» [as.tra.piˈe.a ðiˈa.ðɔ.si/ðiˈa.çˈk͡sap.lɔ.si] (both fem.) --> lightninglike dissemination/dispersion/expansion
    (2) «Με ταχύτητα χιονοστιβάδας» [me taˈçi.ti.ta çɔ.nɔs.tiˈva.ðas] --> with the speed of (an) avalanche
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