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Ciao a tutti,

My question concerns the phrases "to start with" and "to end with" as in the following sentences.

- I can't remember his name. I think it starts with an "S".
- The word "imbarazzare" starts and ends with a vowel.

I was initially always under the impression that "iniziare/cominciare" and "finire con" were correct until I started to hear people use the expressions "iniziare/finire per". The other day I heard somebody say "inizia con la 'd' ". For the above sentences, are both forms equally correct?

- Non riesco a ricordare il suo nome. Credo che inizii con/per la "S".
- La parola "imbarazzare" inizia e finisce con/per un vocale.
  • pacariss

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    either way is fine, just remember
    "per" never wants the article
    credo che inizi per S
    inizia e finisce per vocale
    "con" instead wants the article
    credo che inizi con la (articolo determinativo) S
    inizia e finisce con una (articolo indeterminativo) vocale
    in the second case, since you're not being specific


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    "penso che inizi con la S /per S" both correct
    "inizia e finisce con una/la vocale" In this case I'm not sure You can use "per". Because "finisce per" , in this case, doesn't sound good...
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