to steady a drink


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I would like to know the meaning of this phrase I found in Chevy Stevens' 'Dark Roads':

[He]Stood outside and whistled a song, then balanced her when she came out and tripped over a root. Steadied her drink. Spun the cap back on the Coke bottle so it didn’t go flat.

The charcters are drinking vodka and coke. Does it mean that her drink was on its side? Wouldn't 'a cup' be more apropriate in that case?
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    steady - Dictionary of English
    10 to (cause to) become firm, straight, or steady, as in position, movement, or character:
    "Her drink" wasn't perfectly upright or was on an unsteady or uneven surface and she moved it in someway to make it less likely to spill.
    "Her drink" would be vodka and Coke poured into a glass or cup or other container. She isn't drinking from the bottle of Coke.