To strap something down or secure it.

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Could someone tell me the best verb to use when talking about strapping items down in something like a boat or truck for transport? Another way of saying it would be "to secure something" so that it doesn't go anywhere.

A couple of examples could be 'Strap the furniture down so that it doesn't slide around.' Also, 'Secure the load so that it doesn't come loose.'

The dictionary gives a couple of choices such as atar, ajustar, sujetar, etc. Specifically I am asking about using ropes or bungie cords to secure or strap down camping gear on a kayak.

Here is my attempt.
Necesito sujetar bien mi equipo de acampar para que no se caiga al agua.

  • Cal inhibes

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    Si es con cuerdas, el verbo más usual es amarrar. Sería entonces adecuado para embarcaciones, mercancías, y hasta animales o personas.
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