to strike an Aristotelian mean or telescope them all

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HI.Everyone.The following is from On the Philosophy of Higher Education by John S. Brubacher

The Aristotelian system of logic has a proclivity for classifying things into opposites. There are many examples of this in education-fact and value, school and society, end and means, naturalism and humanism--all overtopped by the basic dualism of thought and action. In the Deweyan system, logic is the theory of inquiry(Dewey, 1938). All the aforementioned antitheses are recognized, but-instead of trying to strike an Aristotelian mean or telescope them all in a series of Hegelian triads of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis--Dewey noted a continuity between their extremes, especially between thought and action.

I wonder what the phrase "to strike an Aristotelian mean" means? Here "mean" means "middle way of Aristotle"? "telescope" means " make something shorter"?
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    To strike: to hit upon; to find (often, but not always, by chance or by repeated attempts.)

    Aristotelian mean -> The middle way; the way that is the desirable middle between two extremes.

    To telescope -> to compress (rather than "shorten").
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