to Sublease or to Sublet

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    In common usage they are interchangeable, but the difference is that "sublet" is the more general term and subleasing is a type of subletting. Subletting can also involve the contracting of work as the word "let" can mean to contract work.


    subease- you transfer your lease to next tenant, all your responsibilities to the lease are on the shoulder of the new tenant who take your apartment/house.And of course ,you can not live in the house anymore.
    sublet- you give up your apt.temporarily ,lets say ,for summer vacation, somebody else live in when you are absent, pay for your rent or more depend on agreement between you two., but you are still the owner of the apt when you are back.


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    Also, sublet is more commonly used in the context of an individual's apartment, while sublease is used in a more commercial context.


    I plan to sublet my apartment while I'm on sabbatical. (Technically, I might not have a "sublease.")

    The company's sublease was terminated.