to sympathize with someone by making the same sacrifices


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I'm not sure if sympathize is the correct verb in this situation: My friend feels bad because he cannot eat ice cream as he has a cold. I don't have the same problems, but I will make the same sacrifice by not eating ice cream because I'm sympathizing with him.
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    Hello, epistolario.

    I don't think that "sympathize" by itself really explains why you have decided to forgo eating ice cream. I'd understand your meaning better if you told me that you were "demonstrating your sympathy by not eating ice cream".

    I wouldn't be surprised to see other members come up with a verb or a phrase that does an even better job of explaining your sacrifice.


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    I would say something like "Out of sympathy for my friend, I am not eating ice cream." I think Owlman's suggestion is fine, and probably more precise.

    We use 'sympathize with someone' to say we share that person's feelings. We would use different words to say that we share their circumstances.


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    I might say, "I'll show my solidarity with you by not eating any, either."
    "I empathize with you, and to show that, I'll not eat any ice cream, either." {suggestion as per Donny}
    "To show my sympathy for your plight (situation), I'll not eat any either."
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