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Here with "to tackle" I found two option as for its meaning, one is to stop and the second one is to adress something since that I'm not sure which one is the correct one here I came to ask, thanks for helping :)

Today, government is financed almost entirely by income taxes and payroll taxes – totally ignoring the giant and growing wealth at the top. So how do we address the crisis of wealth inequality? A wealth tax, as proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, would begin to tackle all this by placing a 2 percent tax on to wealth in excess of 50 million dollars.

Source: Article by Robert Reich "Why We Need a Wealth Tax"
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    It means "to address." Senator Warren's proposed tax will not stop wealth inequality. It will address the problems that wealth inequality causes.

    (Whether or not it will be effective for this purpose is a question of economics and politics that is beyond the scope of WRF.)


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    Tackle is much more positive than address, in this sense. Tackle means getting on with the job of solving a problem, whereas address means taking a look at the problem with a view to solving it.

    We need to address the problem, and decide how to tackle it.​


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    Sometimes when you tackle a problem you hope to solve it. Sometimes, the best you can do is make things better. Either way, you are tackling it by working for changes.
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