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Good afternoon guys,

could you confirm that "to take a break" is in MSA يأخذ إسْتِراحة ?
If yes, is my tanween correct (منصوب)?
يأخذ إسْتِراحةً

Thanks in advance
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    I personally don't know if يأخذ استراحة is the best way to say it formally. This is definitely how it is used colloquially and I'm sure some might use the phrase even in a formal context. However, you can simply use the verb اِسْتَرَاحَ-يَسْتَرِيحُ which is where the the masdar اِسْتِرَاحَةٌ comes from, instead of using the verb أخذ.

    استراح من العمل = he took a break from working.
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    Has anyone else heard ألا تبرّكون؟
    clearly a borrowing from English "break"
    A professor said this visiting an adjacent classroom.


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    No, but I've heard عمل بريك or ياخد بريك in colloquial (and استراحة can sound a bit weird, I think) so a verb from it wouldn't surprise me enormously among some speakers.
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