'To Take Back'


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I'm wondering how to say 'take back' in Portuguese. For example, "I take back my previous comments."

I've seen 'retratar' but that apparently has alternate definitions as well. How would you say it colloquially in Brazilian Portuguese?

  • mglenadel

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    Brazilian Portuguese
    Colloquially, I'd say "retiro o que disse". The verb 'retirar' is more general (meaning remove, retreat, withdraw). 'Retratar' needs a reflexive: "Eu me retrato", "ele se retratou". Don't worry about the other verb ('retratar' as in 'portray'—actually draw or paint, as opposed to describe something or a situation), as people will usually see which you are using from your phrasing (if it is a self-portrait, we'd say "Eu faço/pinto auto retratos", literally "I make/paint self-portraits").
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