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What does to take in a big way mean? It does not seem to be used very often, so I assume that it is either not an idiom or spoken only! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1. IPTV technology is now changing, as many watching video information. Offer many advantages over traditional methods, satellite or cable broadcast, IPTV uses the Internet to stream its content. As a result, the media can be customized to fit the number of applications. For example, hospitals, schools and hotels can take in a big way on the possibility of providing this service.

2. But the trend of socialism has accelerated because of Barack Obama's policy as president. Because of Obamanomics. Just this week, he proposed a $275 billion bailout for nine million homeowners supposedly threatened with foreclosure. Something that really begins to take — in a big way, begins a takeover by the government of the entire mortgage industry.

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    We have several different idioms here.

    In the first example, "take on" means to assume the task of doing something.

    In the the second example, "take" means to become effective or work as expected (in German, "es klappt"). It is usually used in the negative, as in "The lung transplant didn't take."

    "In a big way" is its own idiom and just means "to a large extent".
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