to take one’s anger out on someone


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This is an unpleasant aspect of human behaviour that is all too common.

Please see:
Why does my dad always take his anger out on me?

I.e. her dad is feeling angry for some reason, and he takes his anger out on his daughter, i.e. directs his anger at her, thereby upsetting her, even though it is not her fault.

In this case it would seem that the girl’s mother is behaving badly, but the father ends up hurting his daughter rather than taking up the matter with the person who is the source of the problem.

How do you express the idea of ‘to take one’s anger out on someone’, please?

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  • eric cartmant

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    "hıncını çıkarmak", "acısını çıkarmak" would be appropriate.

    Babası o kadar sinirliydi ki hıncını kızından çıkardı.--->Her father was so angry that he took out on her.

    Baba, eşine olan sinirinin acısını kızından çıkardı.--->The father took his anger wit h his wife on his daughter.
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