...to Tampa (a city)

  • Trisia

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    We say either "în" or "la." In this case, I'd say you can use

    Am fost în Tampa. (literally "I was in Tampa" -- we use it to mean "I went to Tampa")
    Am mers la Tampa. (I went to Tampa)

    I'd personally pick the first.

    We discussed the rule, but unfortunately the thread is in Romanian: La sau în Bucureşti. In a nutshell: there may be a rule but in some cases they can both be used.
    (natives probably choose based on what sounds better :D)

    JoAnne van Heff

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    Cum se zice în româncă, to a city

    I went to Tampa.

    Eu am mers din/la Tampa.

    What is the rule for cities?

    Do you mind if I correct a mistake? În română (sau în româneşte sau pe română), not în româncă. Româncă means a Romanian girl or woman.
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