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    Hello, i have a friend who i've tried to teach some French, but i'm not sure to do it right.... For now it's easy to teach the first little words... but it will be so hard to explain right some things in the future... is there a precise way to teach someone a language or are patience and practice the keys?

    Or is there a free website that gives French lessons?

    Thanks for your help!
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    just a small opinion:
    I thik the best way is to speak...rules will come later..
    my chidren speak 4 languages...first they hear, then they they get older, I explain rules...but best is immersion..
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  4. me82 Senior Member

    yes, very lucky kids! My friend isn't in France and i am trying to teach her online only... i found a website where every french word is pronunced, so she can learn it right... As for the language itself, i found this website :

    does anyone have an opinion about it?

    And OK, i will practice French with her a lot then... thank you for the advice!
  5. SoupleCommeLeVent Senior Member

    If she is serious about learning French, she should do so in a number of ways. She should probably buy a book & CD set for French learners, one which gently but systematically takes the person through the basics of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. One example is the "BBC French Experience". That way her progress will be tangible as she works through the units.

    And then to supplement that, she can do other things, eg read a children's book in French, use French learner's audio + visual websites, join a French conversation class, watch a French TV programme (eg one intended for learners like the ones which accompany BBC French Experience)..

    She's very lucky to have a native speaker to talk to; although it'd be pretty boring for both of you to try to teach her basic grammar by phone.
    I think it's best if she uses you to discuss/query the material in the course, she could perhaps practice some of the dialogues and exercises with you, that way you have a basis for the learning.

    Also, being a native speaker you won't understand the struggle of learning certain things in that language. Sharing the "struggle" with other learners through a conversation class will help morale, and the book & CD course will know which aspects of the language are usually difficult for learners, and how learners overcome this.

    Hope this helps!

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